Garden of Love

Sam Ripples
Jul 15, 2022
Photo by RoonZ nl on Unsplash

I am blooming
for you.
My body is the soil
and your love is the
seed, tucked carefully
beneath the safety
of my breastbone,
ready to burst forth
into being.

Together, we are growing
the flowers that will adorn
the garden of our love

O to glimpse
that beauty, O to see
its crimson and golden shades
dappling our bodies, covering
us in velvet and silk
blossoms, each unfurling
petal crafted of wonder and
glorious, unearthly pleasure.

We who have waited so long.
We who have felt so much.
Finally on the cusp
of our own creation, a
handsome bud opening
inch by startling inch.

Your love is a flower
and O, how I love
to make you bloom.