An Ode to Patriarchy

A day in the stereotypical life.

Sam Ripples


Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

Wake up. See a text from a male friend who won’t leave you alone. Ignore it and get ready.

Forget to take out the trash. Get yelled at by male roommate, since that’s clearly your job, just like all the household chores.

Take out the trash. Get accosted by a homeless man yelling, “Hey baby!” When you don’t respond, it turns into, “You’re a dumb worthless slut anyway!”

Read stories on Medium. Oh look, another story where women are devalued and put into a box. Oh, look, another story about rights being stripped from women. What fun.

Switch gears to Reddit. Oh look, another news article about Texas and abortion rights.

Take a break to take a bath and forget about the world. Read a book and cry, then stop crying because you’re not a fucking baby like they act like you are.

Get your period. Don’t tell any of your male friends because they will joke about your mood. Bleed silently, with no complaints, while your insides turn into painful pudding.

Go to work. Be told by all of your male customers and coworkers that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Be doubted constantly, all day. Get hit on by old men at the cash register. Keep that smile plastered on, or your boss will write you up! Just keep smiling!

Walk down the street, finally a real expression of sourness on your face. Some stupid guy yells, “Why don’t you smile, baby?” You flip him off, and he tells you you’re a bitch.

Go to a bar to drink and forget about your problems. Get hit on by every male in the vicinity. One of them puts something in your drink. Thankfully you saw.

Have a good friend take you home. He hits on you because you’re drunk. You say no, then go inside and cry more. Male friend tries to follow you inside your house. He only leaves when you threaten to call the police.

Take a shower to wash off the icky disgusting feelings of the day. Wonder if it would be easier to just kill yourself.