Sam Ripples

I am a book I never want to stop reading.

Photo by Gaman Alice on Unsplash

I hold fast to Me like
a Book I never want to
stop reading, endless
paragraphs unfurling like flags
across the pages of
Reality, symbols
rippling through the dimly-lit
corners of my

An ego-body is only
a Mask,
and this one is covered in
multitudes of words,
scrawled and scarring its
eternal face with…



Jul 15

Photo by RoonZ nl on Unsplash

I am blooming
for you.
My body is the soil
and your love is the
seed, tucked carefully
beneath the safety
of my breastbone,
ready to burst forth
into being.

Together, we are growing
the flowers that will adorn
the garden of our love

O to glimpse
that beauty, O…