Once in a blue moon, the truth of shines through…

Didn’t even know this picture existed. Probably the best one of us.

The afternoon sweltered, sunshine eking into every corner and crevice to drain sweat from formerly-unopened pores. I climbed into my father’s burnt orange Dodge pickup truck and sank into the seat, thankful for the liberating ice-cold air shooting through the vents pointed at my face. …

A day in the stereotypical life.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

Wake up. See a text from a male friend who won’t leave you alone. Ignore it and get ready.

Forget to take out the trash. Get yelled at by male roommate, since that’s clearly your job, just like all the household chores.

Take out the trash. Get accosted by a…

Bo Burnham is a jester-poet, a philosopher in an ill-fitting comedian’s suit.

“Welcome to the Internet” screenshot

The dazzle and bustle of summertime thrums in the air, laden thick already with mosquitoes and strands of white down torn from cottonwood trees and the crispy, meaty smell of someone grilling a steak downwind. Despite this array of sights and smells and wonder, the dazzle does not dizzy me…

Sam Ripples

Mistress of words and Truth.

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